In Arms Security offers the following services:

Eina Ivy

Secure your home or business with the beauty of Eina Ivy.  The unique patented wall spike.  These razor sharp spikes are capable of withstanding harsh South African climate. The spikes are extremely effective, camouflaged and can be fitted to walls, fences, roofs & gates.  Eina Ivy is suitable for domestic and commercial use.  They are pleaasing to the eye.  To find out more – Click here to have a look at the Eina Ivy website.

Wall Spikes

Secure any area with wall spikes, we use the highest quality materials to ensure durability and cost-effective for our clients

Electric Fence

Electrified Fencing will drastically inproved the safety of your property, whether it be your home or your office, golf course or farm. This is one of the most effective solutions in perimeter security against intruders. Contact In Arms Security to discuss your options. Each installation is custom and takes care of each clients individual property security needs.

Repairs & Maintenance

Do you need electric fence repairs? You are not sure who installed it, but need your electric fence repaired asap? Get in touch with us by emailing for a FREE QUOTE.

Bird Spikes

Pesky birds giving you hassles? Let us quote you on bird spikes for your office or residential area.  Our expert team is standing by to help you with the best possible and cost-effective solution for your commercial, sporting facility or home.

Razor Wire

The trusty favourite with owners, farmers, warehouse & factory owners. Razor wire installation to secure large areas of land or buildings is always effective against intruders.